November 12, 2009

Which brings me to...

...this man. I found this clip from 1995 on Youtube (it's in 3 parts, loong!) while searching for stuff for my previous post. First, i should say that I love Obama. I mean really, I've literally had dreams about him.
But regardless of Obama the man, there's Obama the writer. I picked up Dreams from my Father earlier this year, sort of after the first excitement about the new presidency had calmed down. I wasn't prepared for what was coming, one could say that I was blown away by his writing.
It's one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read, and there's also so much to learn from this man. It's kind of a miracle that he happens to be president of the US!
Seeing him here talking about his first book, so young, is pretty cool, he couldn't have known where he was heading back then..

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