November 18, 2009

Rainy days..

Just let it rain, originally uploaded by ~james.

So very sorry for my absence here on the blog, I've been fighting to not let the weather here in Stockholm bring me down, without really succeeding. It's been grey, rainy and cold for days and days in a row now!! Enough! So, tonight will be Mysa Totale again, very much needed:) How do you cope with a possible November blues?


PlanetLumiere said...

aw, the little guy in pic!


pennycones said...

This pic is so cute!

Stockholm sounds just like the UK.

Well to start my day, I still put on my makeup, choose a dress (even though its too cold for most of them!), sip tea and spend lots of time on the internet,fantasing about the things I would like! I'm lucky too in the fact I'm running my business on the internet so I can keep myself busy indoors.

It is hard at this time of year though. A winter slump is inevitable at some point so I also put on the big coat and have a power walk. Rain or not.

Hermione said...

I know, isn't he cute? Captures the feeling perfectly..

Pennycones, you're so lucky you can run your business from home! And wear dresses all year around. I used to do that too, but now I can only do it on my days off. But that's better than never. Your habits sound a lot like mine too:)

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