November 11, 2009

If I had some dollars to spare...

I would go to Anthropologie and splurge.
When I lived in New York and things felt a bit rough, it was one of the places that I would go to and just browse, get inspired and dream of easier times. It always helped! To me they really capture an essential feeling that I very much love, and I think many with me.
I think the difference in the pleasure one gets from browsing lovely and shopping lovely isn't always that big..
So even if I'm not in NY today, I visit their website and do some dream shopping.

Today I would:
Invite some friends over for a pre-christmas and pre-thanksgiving dinner, inaugurating this very pretty apron.

The theme for the night is French, so I take some tasty recipes from this lovely cook book.

In searching for ingredients I have in my cupboards, I get to put my hands on these wonderful little knobs, almost magic as that one in Mary Poppins.

As I wait for my friend's arrival and the chicken is roasting in the oven I steal some minutes and put up a few decorations.

Checking that the food isn't burning, I use this colourful butterfly to my aid to not get burned myself.

The dinner is lovely as ever, and dessert is served on these pretty birdybird plates.

Extremely full and tired, I tuck in in this cozy bed to dream of merry christmases all around the world..

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1 comment:

Heidi said...

lovely post! gorgeous images, especially the dress - which i mistook for an apron at first. i am in the midst of making aprons for children and i guess my head is all about that right now! Hx

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