November 24, 2009

Maybe this time...

...I'll win. Christmas is around the corner, so I cheated a bit and put up some decorations this weekend already. Since I'm not going to be celebrating Thanksgiving this year, I'm making Christmas start early!
It's so funny how when you go browsing for Christmas decoration stuff (I usually want to buy about everything I see) this time of the year, you just know that come January or even before then, it's all going to be like 50-80% off. It's frustrating. Every year I make the same promise to myself to stack up in January for the following holiday, but once the sales arrive, I'm usually a bit broke from buying all the gifts and a bit over Christmas so I can't be bothered.. What a dilemma, right? This year I'm going to succeed, I promise. Maybe this time.

Image by Hermione.


Amanda said...

That is a pretty genius idea, shopping in January for christmas decorations. I've never thought to do that for some reason. I think I'd have the same problem though, I'd be out of money and not in the mood anymore lol. I usually just end up using old christmas decorations and maybe buy one or two new things every year. It is my favorite holiday so when I do have the money I'm going to go all out!!

Anonymous said...

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