November 22, 2009

A cool thing to see right now...

...would be the Tim Burton exhibit that just opened at Moma in New York. I think he creates such wonderful and quirky worlds, even though I sometimes find it gets too much (Sweeney Todd,great, but too much blood☹). But anyway, it would be fun to be able to see what they put together at the museum. Oh well! Can't always get what you want. Thanks to the internet, it's nearly possible.
Anyway, as I was walking today on the island of Djurgården here in Stockholm, there was an atmosphere that struck me as kind of Burtonish..

I wonder who lives in that house? Eerie, at least..
It's going to be really exciting to see Alice In Wonderland once it opens! Do you have a favourite Tim Burton movie?


TheCluelessCrafter said...

Quite Burtonish. Living in NYC, I get to the MoMA very often. I'll scope it out for you.

Love the Husbat history.

Hermione said...

Oh Thank You! I thought I'd thank you here as well:) Would love to see some reporting from the exhibition, even just to hear that it was lame, ha..

mina said...

i love everything that tim burton touches. that first picture is awesome.

thanks for the kind words on our blog.

Anonymous said...


nvmz i ´ uw 70

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