November 18, 2009

Blogger Musings...

So I haven't been doing this blogging thing for very long, and I keep discovering the perks and question marks as I go along.
These last couple of days was the first time since I started blogging that I didn't know what to blog about, because I was feeling kind of down for various reasons. So I didn't blog at at all, unfortunately. But when I finally signed on today, and saw the lovely comments and the good vibe that is out there in the whole blogging community, I actually felt a lot better. In other words, this whole thing can be really uplifting, and I suspect that it is for a lot of people out there, and what a beautiful thing that is! I guess a blog in a way is to create a little universe of your own where you do exactly as you want. What do you think?

On a completely random note, I'm going to go on and recommend this scented candle from Voluspa, because it's seriously the best scent I've ever smelled from a candle before. And I'm picky! Pomegranate and Patchouli... Kind of cozy, kind of delicious. Definitely uplifting!


UnoCosa said...

hiya ...i totally know how you felt - it's tough to be constantly creative with ideas ... but, i think you did a really fabulous job with so many posts this month already :D, xx

pennycones said...

I agree with the fact we are creating little universe's of own. I blog about anything and everything. Be it a new dress or a favourite artist. I also tend to write just how I speak, slang included! Haha.

Even the box to this candle looks delicious!

See you soon.

Hermione said...

Thank you UnoCosa! I totally agree! Getting home from work and jumping into blog universe is pretty neat sometimes! Much BlogLove :)

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