November 15, 2009

Pretty Rainy Boat Sunday

Today, Stockholm is full of rain, but it's also full of boats. This is one of the main treats when being in a city surrounded by water. In the summer, it's the prettiest thing imaginable, but even come fall and winter they hold a particular beauty of their own as they lay faithfully by the shore. There are plenty of different docks with different kinds of old boats, and plenty of fishermen's boats (my personal favourites). On Skeppsholmen, a nice little island in the city center, there are these ones, melikes!

Part of the dock

People here ride their bikes long into the fall season, sometimes even winter, even though it gets really cold and windy.

This is Lövsta
Anonymous boat:)
This is a true beauty, Orion..

❤Happy Sunday!❤


the real mia said...

Ooooh, I just love bicycles and boats.

pennycones said...

I loved looking at these pictures.

I live near a canal and a small marina and I was thinking about blogging about it. I just might now :)

Hermione said...

Thank you! Pennycones, you should blog about that! I'll pop by to see if you do!

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