January 29, 2010

Ode to Rusty

I want to tell you my story about Rusty.

Rusty was my dearest companion during a magical summer in Brooklyn. A summer with daily, luxurious sunsets shimmering in hues of gold, yellow, pink and blue.

Me and Rusty, we went everywhere together. He was the one thing I knew would always be there for me, waiting patiently outside my door when I stepped out first thing in the morning, at dawn even.

Rusty was my bike.

I remember the day I got him so vividly. For quite some time I had been sensing my need for a vehicle with two wheels to make my to’s and fro’s in Brooklyn easier and less time consuming. Longingly I looked at the youngsters swooshing by on their racer bikes as I walked down the blocks. I don’t need a high tech, two pound thing, I remember thinking, just a decent bike.

So I found Rusty. In an old garage somewhere under the BQE, where bikes had been coming and going and finding new owners for decades, there he was, waiting for me. Golden. Yellow. Rusty. In the need of some fixing up. But all the same, he was perfect, and it was love at first sight. The old man who fixed us up could tell, and gave him to me for a decent enough price not to feel robbed. He even put a bell with a flower on it, for free. Just for me and Rusty. Boy, was I happy!

And that's when my and Rusty’s journey began. I could instantly tell that he was the kind of guy who attracted attention to himself wherever he went. People admired his European-ness (German, to be precise) and golden locks. How he possessed just the right amount of worn pieces and flaws.

It was him and me, and it felt good. He waited for me outside of work. On the street while I ran errands. As I was reading my book in the park, he took in the sights of Manhattan on the other side of the river.

Then one day, things started to change.

It started with the bell. One morning when I walked out the door, it was gone. Someone had stolen the pretty, precious flower bell. Oh well, it was only a matter of time really. We were sad, but at least the two of us were still intact. We’ll get a new bell!

A couple of days later, things got worse.

Someone had stolen the front brake cord. Who does that? This would mean a new way of biking, but all the same, still biking. We were fine, really.

Then it happened. A truck. A third morning, and Rusty was no more. At least not what he used to be.
In the lack of space, I had parked him neatly by a lamp post on the corner of my street. Only for a couple of hours while I got some night sleep. Up at dawn, I’m ready to go to the other side of town, and what do I see? Rusty’s all crumpled, mushed and smashed, with a front wheel that would only dream of rolling down the street. There was no chance to save him.

I can’t really describe what I felt. Huge disappointment, big sadness. Faith in humanity temporarily bruised. I had to buy a metro card again.

With time, the wounds started to heal. Rusty got transported to a dump somewhere with other crippled bikes. I chose not to come and watch.

Life went on, and indeed, it felt emptier. We had had such good times together. I didn’t feel I was ready to replace him yet, and then came winter.

Rusty remained the one, and he might always do so. I still hold great gratitude and love for him, and am immensely honored to have spent such a magical summer with him. We went through rain, wind and sunshine, he never told on me when I was tipsy and biking (very bad idea by the way), and was just so awesome in general.

Here’s to you Rusty, wherever you are.

Flickr Rusty.

January 20, 2010

Here's to Love and Valentines Day

Give it up for Rachel over at Quail Creative who created these wonderful, user- and wallet friendly Valentines Day cards! I'm loving them so much, and well, it's just good timing, isn't it?

You get two sheets of 8 Valentines. Each sheet is perforated so you can tear them out yourself! For the humble amount of $10.00. So, see, it's fun, creative, loving and just really pretty too. And darn cool on top of it. I would even put them on my fridge! (That's a compliment, as my fridge hosts some pretty cool stuff at the moment:).

Well done Rachel!

January 18, 2010


...a song is the only thing that will get me through a day, or lift me up after a rough one.
Today, this tune has been my savior. I've had it on repeat so many times tonight, to the point where I'm wondering what the limit would be for it to be considered an obsession? Anyway, I think I'm close.
It's a great song, kind of old news I guess, but I love it!
The video is creepy, but interesting.
Maybe that should be: creepy, and interesting.
Funny how one little word can change the meaning of something completely. Oh well, more on that some other time. Enjoy!

January 16, 2010

Having the Butterflies...

...is better than having the Blues, don't you think?

I have butterflies.

Now, what is it we mean when we say that? That we get the butterflies? Such a funny thing to say. Lovely.

What I mean when I say it is that no, no literal, real butterflies. Even though that would be pretty cool. (And scary too, if they flew too close. But that's another story).

No, I'm talking about butterflies inside, in the belly, in the mind at times. Underneath my pillow at night.

Because there's a little hope, a little little chance that something good is about or could possibly happen. In the future, sometime, over there on the horizon.

And that hope is enough. It gives me the butterflies.

And when things get a bit blue, I remind myself of those little flying creatures, and it's all good again.

Image via Mel Stampz, so sorry for being unable to find the original creator of this lovely image, whoever you are!

Random Roundups

What happened? Where have I been? Uhm, I can't really say that I know. I do however know that:

1. I had some kind of a holiday experience this past week. You know what people usually do for the holidays? Eat, hang out, go a bit bonkers? Well, that. Only that it was way post holiday season, back to work week, and I didn't have time off. So I had to invent some time off in order to spend it with dear family visiting. It went ok. Now family left again, and I feel empty.

2. I have butterflies. They come and they go, but they're around, that's for sure.

3. I've missed the blogosphere!

4. And I need a new computer.

Ok, that will do for an incoherent back-to-the-blog post. I have more specific things to post about. But some kind of roundup was needed. So hello again!

January 9, 2010

Dress Friendly

I normally don't post about fashion here, but I'm generally for anything that's about keeping things green and reversing the negative cycle that is unfortunately a fact we can no longer ignore, so when I discovered this today, I thought it sounded pretty awesome.

H&M is on March 25th releasing a collection of clothes named The Garden Collection. Here's the perk: They're made out of only recycled and organic materials. All the garments have been produced using sustainable materials or using recycled PET bottles or textile waste. How cool isn't that? Plus, they're really cute and will be really wallet friendly! I think I'm gonna have to sign up for this one too:)

Here are some of my favorites:

Needless to say, I'm into dresses.

All images from H&M.

January 8, 2010

Slow Readers Book Club

Slow Readers Button 2, originally uploaded by ourcitylights.

So this got me really excited! Diana over at Our City Lights has started a book club titled, well, as you can see, Slow Readers Book Club.
It doesn't literally mean it's for slow readers, but they say it's ok if you are too, so that's all good. I've already signed up!

This came at a perfect time as I'm not geographically close to my bookster friends at the moment, and I do miss their daily input of what to read and what not to read. Not that I let their opinion rule my world, but nonetheless, they're opinions I respect.

First book isn't being reviewed until March, so that's plenty of time to get going.. What are you guys reading/planning to read or whatvever you already finished reading?

January 5, 2010

About a Guy

So who is he, and what was I actually talking about?
This is kind of what happened when I met the I-met-a-guy Guy:

I work where I meet a lot of people. He happened to be one of them on this particular day. Out of nowhere, he shows up with this electrifying energy that caught me a bit off guard. The whole thing was really fun and just, well, how do I describe it? For a moment I forgot where I was and what I was doing (that is working, at my job). Our meeting was brief, but left me looking like a smiley face on two legs. I was enchanted. Just in case, I jotted down his name on a little piece of paper. No particular reason, just if I would like to, oh I don’t know, Google him or something? Horrible things, I know, but it’s 2010.

Anyway, I was away from work for over a week. In the mean time, he had been lingering in my mind as the lucky, fun chance encounter that warmed me up here in cold Scandinavia.
On the day I get back to my desk, there’s a message for me. Someone had left me a card with something scribbled on the back. Before I turned it over to read, I think I already knew the name on it.
It was Him. My heart actually did gallop a bit.

So I write him (as he had left his email address), but I don’t exactly pour my heart out, as it was just a brief note.
That voice in your head that tells you that maybe he just thought you were nice and wanted to be kind?
I think that’s the one who wrote the email. But all the same, I sent it.

A day or two goes by, and I get an answer.
No room for doubt. He likes me. I think he might actually really like me, or at least must have done so on the day of our encounter.

So basically, we’re emailing. And our worlds are far apart. But I keep thinking that maybe this time. I know they’re just emails and fantasies for now, but heck, it’s a new year, and you have to start somewhere, right?

love birds via fruityflypie, flickr love

January 3, 2010

Just Because

Whenever I need an upper, this song always does the trick. For some reason it always makes me want to go to LA! :D

Going with the Flow?

I usually stay away from New Years resolutions.
I do however make different kind of promises to myself throughout the year, spreading them out like butter on a piece of bread. Or something like it.

But the past year has made me want to promise myself one, quite major thing. Let’s call it Betting on the Right Horse.

A lot of the time, we’re encouraged to just be open, take chances and live life the way it’s presented to us. You know, the whole go-with-the-flow thing. But how do we know the flow is going where we want it to go? Might be taking us to outer space for all I know.

Somehow, and not to sound like a jaded been-there-done-that person, I feel like I’ve tried the space traveling, and it hasn’t really worked for me. It may be bad luck, but there may also be something else to it.

Sure, I’ve learned tons of things that I wouldn’t have learned if not, and I’m many anecdote worthy experiences richer because of it.  But I’ve now gotten to a pivotal point where I feel I’d like to stay on this planet called earth, and I want to bet on the right horse while on it.

This time, I’m doing my research. I’m trusting my gut feeling. I’m looking to the 'experts', and I’m definitely considering what this horse could actually do for me.

Now, how can one possibly know in advance, you may ask.

Well, I don’t think we can, but I think we owe ourselves to at least try, and to trust that instinct ever so often. If you listen, you might learn something. Or?

So, here’s to a 2010 filled with good, mindful gambling.

And oh, I am getting back to the story about a certain someone real soon... There happens to be updates.

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