November 5, 2009

Mysa & Hygge

In Sweden this time of year, it's already gotten really dark. Like today. Today was the first real day of snow/rain, and by 4pm it was almost fully dark outside. The rain is still pouring.

Due to these very long periods of darkness and cold we go through up here, there's a very well developed and very important concept of mysa. The Danes call it hygge. It's a verb which entails to make things cozy, bundle up and have a warm, cozy time. It will often involve hot tea, dimmed lighting, hot chocolate, candles, blankets, movies, cushions and so on. Needless to say, it's great! People do this all over the world, but I think we're pretty professional about it up here.

The best mysa-time I would say starts somewhere around now and spans all through christmas. Now's the time to light those candles and put up those twinkling stars in our windows for passers by to see. Christmas starts early here. After the holidays, it's still important to make things cozy, but I think people get less excited about it since it's already been going on all fall and christmas. I think it should last as long as we need it! Here's an example of some mys totale.

Candles are essential, the more the merrier.

Other glittering lighting makes it even better!

Some glossy magazines that look as good as they smell!

And a good, kind of perfect movie to end the day.

How do you create your time of cozy?


Mo said...

ooo i looooove mysa !! it's one of the very first words i learned !!!!
i need a couch, blankets, tea, candles, chickflick movie, bf's arms.... or hot bath is nice too...

Heidi said...

i love this post, it's just how i like to spend time but i would include dark chocolate, herb tea and my dog to cuddle. Hx

Hermione said...

Aw, those suggestions makes it even better!!

Daisy said...

Lovely photos!!

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