December 10, 2009

You can't always get what you want

You know how sometimes in life, we can’t always get what we want?
Well, I’m in one of those situations right now. I’m not complaining, but if I could choose, this would not be my first choice.
I’m talking about my job. What I do for a living, to stay organized and grown up.
I’ve had this problem before, the difficulty in combining my dreams with my reality. Sometimes I wonder if it’s even possible. I know that it is, but like I said, one can't always get what one wants.

I started a new job not too long ago, and I feel it’s consuming me. I get so caught up in what I do, that so many things that are really important to me become secondary or even non existent. But then again, in times like these, I know I am lucky to even have a job.

I guess balance is the key word here. 

Therefore I thought I should ask you guys, if someone recognizes this kind of situation, and has a good way of managing it? I know I’m not being very specific here, but you know, in general:)

However it may be, how do you cope with your different obligations and dreams? Big one, I know..


cat said...

ohhh i perfectly know this situation..."all my life ist kinda this way" ....iam a big daydreamer though jajaj...but well...who do you are without little in real life i am rather thankful for the little things...and the most important for me is to be in a place where i feel good and have my friends around me ( this i definately learned ) the job o whatever problem becomes less important. at the moment i have to admit that iam kinda struggeling with life as well...i am sending you hugs! & relaxx!!
xx cat
CiTiEs of B

Amber said...

I'm going through something similar like this in my life. Although I am very young (very), I know there is one way to cope with this. That's through Jesus Christ. No matter what comes my way, He seems to be, and He IS the only way to make it better. Often I feel as if I'm alone, but I'm reminded that it says in the Bible, that He'll never leave us. He'll walk with us and guide us no matter what situation we face. Sometimes I forget that. And I look for other things to make me feel better. But He's the only comfort that will last a lifetime.
God Bless..

Sum said...

I have felt EXACTLY this way. I was thinking about this the other day and how true it is...we can't always get what we want. This sounds lame and stupid, but I'm always thinking of all the guys I like that I will never date. I am always thinking of the things I want to be and could be. There's always a line between our dreams and reality. Sadly, I wish reality didn't have to exist and we could go out and reach our dreams. Sometimes I really do think that we can be whatever we want to and life is what we make of it. We create ourselves. So I'm not really sure how I cope with this problem. I guess life goes on and I always keep living.

suzie said...

you've hit the nail on the head, it is a question of balance. I am lucky enough to do what I love, but huge compromises have to be made because of it....mainly financial and it is so very time-consuming. We all need to find the right balance!

Hermione said...

What smart ladies you all are! I agree with all of you.
Balance is key, life does go on, and we do create ourselves. I've started to (I admit that I was not very good at this always) be grateful for things that I have, instead of lamenting the things I don't have. It's a good first step:)

Heidi said...

balance is key. as long as you have something to keep you happy outside of work, you can get through this. i spent many years waiting to find the right job and leaving perfectly good jobs because i was too impatient to see if it got better. you are right, we don't always get what we want, but we also have to be careful what you wish for too, yes? Hx

pennycones said...

I have been feeling the same too.

I gave up my job (a half decent one too) to look after my kids. But some days, I just need to keep a balance, like the other ladies said. I guess I want to do more for myself, but having one autistc kid, its just not that easy. So I too sacrifice some things for the route I have chosen. I'm looking forward to next year though, I have plans! Now whether or not they work out is another matter. Haha

P.s. I enjoyed this post :)

Jaeve + Things said...

i totally know what you mean!!! i actually DIDN'T get this job that came my way recently. i've been looking for a job for 8 months after being laid off in may and i think i was bummed out for not getting this job more because it's the first thing that came along in all that time. but to be honest, i wouldn't have been happy very long, not even w/ the money i would have made. i am reminding myself to be grateful that i have time to figure out what i can do that i will love. but it's hard. because the 'rational' and adult in me says, get a job, doesn't matter what it is. it's hard to find a balance, but you're right. balance makes all the difference. hope you figure something out for yourself, where you can make money AND love what you have to do for it. :)

Hermione said...

Heidi, you're absolutely right, and the whole being impatient about work and leaving even though it's fine reallys struck a chord. And yes, I've learned to be careful what I wish for, for sure.. Balance IS key. Great thoughts!

Lisa, that sounds really exciting with plans! Plans are great. I understand it can't always be easy to be full on mom always, but it seems like such a beautiful thing to be as well, and it's so cool that you are one! I'd like to do that one day too, it's just that thing about not forgetting yourself that's important. I think Michelle Obama said (and this is pretty cool) that yes, she always puts her kids first, but she also always makes sure to put herself in a close second. Smart lady! Curious about those plans too!

Jaeve, it's good you're trying to be grateful for having that time now. It's so funny how we always want what we don't have and vice versa. I was off for a while earlier this year, and looking back now I could have done so many things with that time, and instead I was mostly agonizing over the fact that I didn't have a job to fill up my time with. I'm sure something will come along that will allow you to feel able to do whatever you want, and pay the bills..
I'm actually discovering that this job can be pretty ideal once I've gotten fully into it, as I can be flexible with it and not too much is required of me. So I guess it's only up to me whether I manage to keep my 'real' interests alive. I'm up for the challenge!

Lindsay Road said...

Right now, I'm practicing avoidance. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work I need to complete lately, it it makes stress avoidance difficult because I'm constantly working...not so fun. At some moments teaching is fun, and at others it is exhausting and draining. Today was one of the later. I starting blogging as a way to destress. If I'm consumed by my job, it's much worse. I really like having an outlet. Oh, and I haven't forgotten about your reward. :)

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