December 1, 2009

Blog Honesty

Ok, so now that I got that post out of the way, I can finally relax. Phew.
I have a small confession to make. Ok, it’s not a Confession confession, but you know, it’s something like it. Not a big deal.
I all of a sudden got struck by blog-writers-pressure after my (in my own blog frame of reference) very ambitious book post, and I couldn’t think of anything to write. Ok, I too can think of worse problems to have than that. But all of a sudden, blogging was pressuring! And I’m just doing this for fun.
When no one was reading my blog, like zero people, I was writing posts like nobody’s business (ok, not really true, but you know what I mean), because I knew that no one was going to read them. I had nothing to lose. Now that I know that I have at least a couple of readers, whom I very much value, I kind of panicked. How weird isn’t that? It never happened until now.
So I started thinking if this behavior in any way applies to other areas in my life, and the answer was Yes. Pretty much to everything. As soon as some kind of pressure is added, or something is at stake (whatever that would be), it’s so much harder. When there’s nothing to lose, there’s usually no pressure to not fail.
Why do we do this? Or maybe you don’t do it, I don’t know. But I have a feeling it’s pretty common. Does anyone relate to this, and maybe has a good way for getting rid of those uninvited hangups?

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pennycones said...

I know what you mean!

I too feel I have some regular readers now and I worry a little what they think about a post, will they like it, will they find it boring! Haha

I'm rubbish under pressure and get myself into a flapping state but even being 5 minutes late for an appointment can do that for me!

I love reading your long posts and I like the way you are so candid in them :)

Amber said...

haha, this is so me!
I can totaly relate!
I have one question though, do you speak french?!!

melange muse said...

This totally happens to me too! Especially with blogging.
If I start to feel pressured I majorly just slow it down. I think that is fine though really so slow down if you need to!

P.S I know I haven't commented in a little bit but I am still lovin the blog!

janis said...

i definitely know how you feel hermoine! sometimes i will think "I HAVE NOTHING TO BLOG ABOUT! NO IDEA!" and then something random will pop into my head on the bus or while i'm walking or at work.

...i think that's one of my favourite things about blogging - the sudden random inspiration. where DO these ideas come from??

Stéphanie said...

I understand you ! That's blogging ! And I love your blog !

claulovesfashion said...

WooO!! nice pic! i love it... i wish you a happy Christmas!! i love ur blog!!!

visit my blog & follow me!! =;-D


suzie said...

First time visitor here, I came after seeing your comment on Pennycones and was intrigued!

I totally agree with all you have said, I'm was a blog virgin and took the plunge a few months back. Now I've got a few readers I feel an enormous responsibility to entertain and inspire, otherwise they might stop reading!
But as for subjects, I could blog constantly if time allowed, but life keeps getting in the way!

Great blog, I'll be back!

Hermione said...

Oh, thank you all for your great thoughts! It's quite interesting how everyone experiences this blogging thing, isn't it?

Pennycones, I say it again, thank you!

Amber, I'm glad you relate too! Phew:) As for French, I do speak it, although it's not my first language, but I love France so I try to stay fresh on it by incorporating it in my blog:D

Melange, so glad to see you're still here!! And thanks for reading:) I think that must be the natural thing to do, to slow down and pause. I'll try that next time it happens. Update to come:)

Janis, glad to see you too here!! I know what you mean, first there's nothing, and then when you're doing something random it's like, oh, I could write about this or that! You're right about it being the best thing about blogging, you just never know where these ideas are gonna come from!

Stephanie, hello and I'm glad you too understand! C'est la vie of le blogging, I guess:)

Clau, thank you so much!And merry christmas to you too! I'll definitely check back on your blog right now! The picture is kind of cute I think, no?

Suzie, thanks so much for visiting and your great comment. Glad to see we all seem to share this thing! Also a good thing that life is there to keep us busy, otherwise I don't know what would happen, haha... I'll definitely will stop by your blog right now!

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