December 4, 2009

Introducing Filmclub Totale Friday

Today I’m getting organized and I’m introducing Filmclub Totale Friday! Since I love, love all kinds of movies, and know that many people do, I thought: Why not start a filmclub here on the blog? Exactly, why not! So every Friday, I'll be sharing a favorite film. Today is day one of Filmclub Totale, and let's get right to it:

Because there has been a kind of New York- and book theme here lately, I’m choosing a film to go along with that. It’s a romantic comedy, and I’m sure many of you have already seen it. But I think it can handle a second or third viewing. Drumwhirl….:

You’ve Got Mail

By Nora Ephron

I think this is the epitome of a romantic comedy, the modern day film version of Pride & Prejudice. It’s exactly as it should be. Perfect. The fact that it evolves around bookstores only makes it better. And it takes place in New York, can’t beat that. Did you know that it's a remake of The Shop Around the Corner, made in 1940? I've always wanted to see that, but haven't yet. Here's the trailer for it:

Lines about sharpened pencils and the dancing shoes that are just lovely. The only thing that it doesn’t have is the song Someone Like You, by Van Morrison. That’s a bit of a shame, as that is the perfect song for these kind of films, when the film is approaching The End. Before the couple-to-be realize they just have to be together. In other words, the sad part. But it’s ok, it has other good songs on there.


I say it’s a good one for pre-Christmas December nights. What is your favorite romantic comedy? That is, if you like them at all!

Next Friday, something less predictable..

Bonus: The original Warner Bros website is still up, love how it feels kind of old school now..
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CC said...

I don't have a favorite, really. I love 'em all! ;)

PS - I have a great giveaway on my blog. Don't forget to sign up! :)

Heidi said...

oh i love this film! it is one of my absolute favourites and i watch it a lot. because it has christmas themes i tend to watch it around christmas, as well as sleepless in seattle and when harry met sally. anything christmassy fills me with nostalgia and i just melt! Hx

Kristin said...

Love Actually is my very favorite of all time. Of course You've Got Mail holds a place in my hear too!

Anna said...

i love you've got mail too! all time favorites though are pride and prejudice and bridget jones' diary!

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