December 30, 2009

Brief Encounters

I think I met someone. I mean, I know for a fact that I met someone. I meet people every day, but this someone feels more special than the others. All the signs are there.
There are a couple of problems however:

1. I only met him once. It was brief but electric.
2. I might not ever see him again. We live in very different parts of the world.
3. I don't really know him at all. But I want to. And my mind is happily staying active by gluing together the pieces of information that I do have, spiced up with some imaginary, albeit likely, facts. I try to make it stop, but you know how it is, it can be hard.

Now, I'm trying to be smart about this one. Telling myself that I'm a grownup now, a grownup who doesn't need her imagination to run out of control (wishful thinking). But I still find myself agreeing with myself that he and I would have the best kids in the world.

Is this what comes with the internationalisation (is that even a word?) of the world? Lots of people must be going through this all the time as we travel more and more and global has become local.

As I'm pondering upon how to be a bit cool about the whole thing, and seeing what real possibilities there might actually be, I think he'll just have to be my imaginary dream prince for now. Just for a while.



Camilla Salem said...

there's nothing wrong with a dream prince. but really, i am a strong believer in the fact that things happen for a reason and what is meant to be will come to you. so the fact that you felt something special is indeed very important and special. and the butterflies are so fun.

Anonymous said...

Just don't mention the kids ;0!

TheCluelessCrafter said...

Yes, don't mention the kids! That's hard enough even when you're married and contemplating them.

This affair seems so mysterious to me. Indeed, the more we travel the more opportunities we have for missed connections, but the reverse works as well. What are you going to do??

cat said...

internationalisation is a word no? :-) wish you all the best with this story and let it just happen...a bit imagination run out of control isn´t that bad :-) ...wish you all the best for 2010!! have a blast new years eve!!! xx cat
CiTiEs of B

janis said...
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janis said...

have you ever seen this blog? it's very similar to what you're talking about.

hermione, i understand you exactly. my mind ALWAYS jumps a million miles ahead, imagining us dating, marrying, kids blah blah blah. i wish i could shut it off. for some reason i think that if i have imagined all this stuff, it is less likely to happen.

(but then ALWAYS (like clockwork!) i remind myself of this one time in high school when i daydreamed about my friend's brother asking me out...and then he did!)

i read so much into the tiniest things and am always telling myself to be more "grown up". there's always this hopeful part of me that's like "maybe???" and the grown up part of me that is like "janis! get over it! it's not going to happen!". oh what a dance between the two.

i sincerely hope that you meet this fellow again!


Hermione said...

Oh, wow, I'm so happy for all your wise wise comments. And I got it, I won't mention the kids:D. Yet.
Janis, I have seen the missed connections blog, it's really good.. I think I will have to use you guys to guide me through this, you all sound like you have some good points to make!

Amanda said...

Nothing wrong with imaginary dream princes! I like letting my imagination run away with me sometimes. I think I'm going to start writing letters to my future husband actually; that way I'll know what to tell him when I meet him :) I got the idea from Meg Fee...

Sum said...

You write beautifully. This is EXACTLY how I feel about too many guys I have met. And I have yet to find the one. I understand and agree the part about 'global has become local'. It's so hard trying not to imagine someone as more than a person or as your significant other already. Hope it works out between you and your dream prince! :)

Anonymous said...

No kids mentioned :)! It is good advice, trust us!

Lauren said...

I say take a chance!

Anna said...

aw a dream prince might be a good thing to have too! i know exactly how you feel about the internationalization (hah!) thing...i met my bf in shanghai! it all seemed to work out in the end as we now live in DC together; sometimes you just have to take a chance and then be patient! best of luck dear! :)

Hermione said...

Amanda, that sounds like a great idea.. I've seen she does that, I love the idea. Might try it:) Let me know how it goes!

Sum, thank you so so much! And glad you relate:) We'll see what happens, won't we..

Have not mentioned the kids, I'll leave that to him:D

Lauren, I say you're right! I'm on it:) Thanks so much for being inspiring.

Anna, I'm so happy for you! That sounds like a wonderful experience. I'm so curious! And yes, sometimes you just need to take a chance. I'm working on it!

Anonymous said...

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