December 22, 2009

D.I.Y. Snow Angel!

Here's some creative fun to have for free in the freshly fallen snow: Snow Angels!

Here's a quick how-to: 

Find some untouched snow and run to the perfect, selected spot.

Throw yourself right into the snow.

 Start repeatedly waving arms and legs against the snow up and down.

 Take a break when you feel the angel has taken the desired shape.

Admire your work!

Tada! Snow Angel 2010. Make as many as you wish!


Melanie's Randomness said...

Aww! Yeah a D.I.Y project that I can acutally do!!! =)

Hermione said...

Haha, I know! Isn't it great?

Lauren said...

Best DIY ever!

cat said...

yeahhh! wish you a very merry christmas! hope you have a lot of snow up in sweden, we do have still some here in germany :-) xx cat
CiTiEs of B

Angie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

hahahah! mum?!

Hermione said...


Anna said...

so cute! i wish there was more snow around! :)

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