December 2, 2009

French Therapy

You know those days when you’re down and out, and you feel just a little bit disappointed with stuff going on? Well, sometimes, when it’s not too bad really, there can be really easy tricks to put yourself in a better mood. One of my favorite things to do when this happens, and that also has proved very effective, is to watch the film Amelie de Montmartre. I know, I know, it’s been so incredibly talked about and imitated and influential since it came out all those years ago, but the actual film in itself is a real gem. The way it makes you really appreciate the small things in life, and let the magic in. The way it’s not about money, lifestyle, big drama or anything like that, but about love and love for life.
I think it’s important to remind oneself every now and then about those things, I know I need to sometimes anyway. If you haven’t seen the film yet, chances are you’re in for a treat.

And here’s some bonus good news: If you have heard and like the music to the film, there’s this Swedish band, Detektivbyrån (it means the Detective Bureau) that in my opinion makes music quite similar to the film score. Here’s a clip. (Weird video, but anyway:)

Image via je reve donc je suis


sinnlighet said...

Yes yes yes, me like!! I fell in here somtimes, in your beautiful and sensual blog.

I take the opportunity to leave a footprint behind me, a swedish one.


MBT said...

it is good
i like it

suzie said...

I completely agree! Amelie is just one of the most beautiful films ever made, and it cannot fail to uplift you, every time! In fact my friend (who put me onto Lost in Translation) says she puts Amelie on when she's doing the housework as the music cheers her up while she works!

Hermione said...

Agneta, thanks so much for saying hello and visiting! I'll be stopping by your blog right now. Thanks for the footprint:)

MBT, I like it too!

Suzie, I completely agree with you too! It' such a simple medicine kind of a movie. Your friend should def check out Detektivbyran, it's really similar, but new:)

I ♥ NY said...

love this movie... however, i'm having trouble finding/downloading a copy in the U.S. hmph!

pennycones said...

I can't believe you have posted about this. It has been on my mind the last couple of days!! Haha I was actually thinking about her hair ( I had mind cut the same length last night. The other style just didn't feel right!)

Fantastic film :)

Marta said...

I liked the swedish band, thanks a lot. And this film...oh my god, who doesnt like this? It's amazing :)

Hermione said...

New York, that's such a shame you can't find it.. I'm sure Netflix must have it! They have pretty much everything, miss them a lot.

Pennycones, that's so funny! I feel like it might be the December mood, we need some inspiration right now. Love the haircut too!

Marta, so glad you like the music! It's like you can continue listening to the soundtrack but with a fresh take.. And yes, the film.. Sometimes I fantasize about a sequel. But that seems to good to be true, and might ruin a bit of the charm.

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