December 3, 2009

Postcards from New York!

So, those fun and alternative New York City postcards that I mentioned I got at Spoonbill & Sugartown? Well, I did some research and found the photographer and she’s called Geneviève Hafner. Turns out you can get those cards online for not that much, from greatmodernpictures. So great! I think they make really nice wall decorations, and I have many of them in little frames around my house. People always comment on how fun they are! I also found also this blog, The G Road, where she and two other New York photographers post their work, it’s worth a visit. Some of then are very quirky and different.

Not too long ago I saw a TV program about how photographers today, people who have been working as such for fifteen, twenty or more years, are having an increasingly difficult time supporting themselves since the digital camera revolution came onto the scene. I’ve also heard the same thing from photographers I know. Many things that used to be done manually and required hours and hours in the lab can now be performed in a single click through the most basic photo editing program. Not that that’s not fun and not that I want to be reactionary, but I want to make sure to support those out there who do it for a living and who keep the art form alive!

All images ©Genevieve Hafner.


pennycones said...

Yeah, I like these a lot. They are quirky and fun.

Yeah I completely agree with trying to support photographers still trying to work with film and compete with the new breed of photographers. I always like to see what my boyfriend Leon has taken once he picks up his developed film. It's just such a shame he cant shoot in film all the time but its just so expensive here in the UK.

janis said...

man...what a beautiful city. great picks.

Tess said...

thanks for coming over to my blog!

and, I love thes pics! I did an internship in Communications in NYC my senior year of college. Lived there for four months .. not a super long time, but I loved it.

nice to *virtually* meet you :D

suzie said...

You have talked about something very close to my heart. I went back to film photography this the summer and I love it with a passion now! It costs me a small fortune as the learning curve is so steep, but the rewards are so worth it. I still of course have to use my digital camera daily, but I think of that as a workhorse, and my film cameras allow me to express myself artistically. I'm so happy to hear you are an enthusiast too x

Marta said...

God... I cant wait to go to NY and you keep posting these things... I'll go crazyyyyy! :)

Hermione said...

Pennycones and Suzie, glad you like the photos! It's too bad it's expensive shooting on real film, the result is so very different once you actually see it developed, it's remarkable... I think it will remain as an art form that maybe turns into a fine art form or so. But just the idea of that the pressing of the camera button actually matters and you can't waste your shots, is pretty valuable.

Janis, yes indeed a beautiful city! And thanks!

Tess, your welcome! Add I'm excited for your book!!

Marta, you should go as soon as you can then!

cat said...

just great postcards xx cat
CiTiEs of B

cat said...

ohh thanxxx for all your nice comments on my posts...unfortunately iam not in BCN right now but soon i will move there again...hope so,though...i just came back from Argentina and staying in Germany at the moment...before that i lived in BCN...bit confusing i know but well that´s CiTiEs of B...feel free to follow me :-)
and hey u are a talented writer though!! your posts are really good! wish i could write that awesome :-) keep on blogging
xx cat

Meg Fee said...

oh gorgeous and fun! thanks for sharing. i'm gonna have to check out this blog with their photos!

Hermione said...

Cat, you're so welcome! And thank you so much! I will keep blogging:D

Meg, Thank you so much and thanks for stopping by! Great that you like the photos.

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