December 25, 2009

That Clicking Sound

Some people love the sound of their own voice, but I just love the sound of my own typing.

I just got home from the movies where I watched Julie & Julia (late, I know) for the first time, and as the film seems inclined to do, it inspired me to blog. And to cook. Even though I would never attempt to bone a duck or tie it for that matter either in my own kitchen, putting those potatoes in the oven is going to be a lot more enjoyable than on a normal, none movie-going day (although today is more about leftovers, really). Thank you Nora Ephron!

It also inspired me to write a little on the blog, or rather, let me specify: It inspired me to write, so that I could hear the sound, the wonderful clicking typing sound, that comes from typing on a PC. That's right: A Mac computer simply does not offer this pleasure, but a PC does. I own a Mac. Right now I'm typing on a PC, and I'm telling you, it is g r e a t. Loving it. Nothing like it.
So my note to self and wish for 2010 will be: To replace my 10 year old (!) Mac for a PC. Doesn't have to be big, luxurious or ultra-fast in any way, just needs to offer a delicious clicking sound. Shouldn't be too hard to find, right?

Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday!



Amanda said...

Haha! I just watched Julie and Julia the other night as well!! It was so good, it made me want to get on my blog and write too! I don't know about cooking though. I've been much of a cook. But I never realized that a MAC doesn't make that sound that a PC makes on the keyboard. You could always get an external keyboard that just hooks into your computer via USB and then you can have that wonderful clicking sound!

Have a lovely Holiday!!

Tina said...

Happy Christmas my dear!! Sending you warm regards for a beautiful new year!!

jacqueline said...

your desk is so organised.
And such bright colours...lovely!

the art cupboard said...

i just watched julie and julia this evening as well, very good :)

merry christmas!

Lauren said...

I totally know what you mean! I am always thrown off when I type on a Mac, instead of my usual PC, because the keypad pressure seems off, and it annoys me WAY more than it should. It's probably the only thing that really throws me off when I change platforms too, which makes it extra ridiculous.

janis said...

oh hermione! you would really go back to a PC after a ten year relationship with a mac? i got a macbook last winter, and i will NEVER ever go back!!

Hermione said...

Haha, this is great! I think this will have to become my favorite post so far.

Amanda, you are so right! I should totally get an external keyboard, even though it feels a bit funky sometimes, but it's nothing one couldn't get used to, so why not? So funny we responded to the movie in the same way:)

Tina, thank you and same to you, wish you all the best for 2010! Great things are surely coming:)

Jaqueline, thank you, but it's not mine:( I try to keep my own in the same kind of organized way, it works about one day out of seven.

Art Cupboard, I know, It was great! Merry Christmas to you too!

Lauren, haha, love it!! That is so funny, I have the same thing. Maybe the ideal solution would be for Mac to invlude some clicking keyboards on their laptops? Hmm..

Janis, I'm afraid I would! I understand the Maclove, and I do feel it too, but there's just something original about Pc's, like Coca Cola versus Pepsi kind of:D

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