January 16, 2010

Random Roundups

What happened? Where have I been? Uhm, I can't really say that I know. I do however know that:

1. I had some kind of a holiday experience this past week. You know what people usually do for the holidays? Eat, hang out, go a bit bonkers? Well, that. Only that it was way post holiday season, back to work week, and I didn't have time off. So I had to invent some time off in order to spend it with dear family visiting. It went ok. Now family left again, and I feel empty.

2. I have butterflies. They come and they go, but they're around, that's for sure.

3. I've missed the blogosphere!

4. And I need a new computer.

Ok, that will do for an incoherent back-to-the-blog post. I have more specific things to post about. But some kind of roundup was needed. So hello again!


pennycones said...

Hello again!

I was just thinking about you whilst doing my latest post and hope you dont mind but I linked you up!


Hermione said...

Oh of course I don't mind! Thank you so much!

suzie said...

I thought about you yesterday too, I've missed you!

*Marine Fleury* Cupcake chantilly said...

i love this post!!

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