January 16, 2010

Having the Butterflies...

...is better than having the Blues, don't you think?

I have butterflies.

Now, what is it we mean when we say that? That we get the butterflies? Such a funny thing to say. Lovely.

What I mean when I say it is that no, no literal, real butterflies. Even though that would be pretty cool. (And scary too, if they flew too close. But that's another story).

No, I'm talking about butterflies inside, in the belly, in the mind at times. Underneath my pillow at night.

Because there's a little hope, a little little chance that something good is about or could possibly happen. In the future, sometime, over there on the horizon.

And that hope is enough. It gives me the butterflies.

And when things get a bit blue, I remind myself of those little flying creatures, and it's all good again.

Image via Mel Stampz, so sorry for being unable to find the original creator of this lovely image, whoever you are!


suzie said...

Great to have you back Hermione!
Yes, butterflies. the adrenalin rush is sometimes too much to cope with, but like you say better than the blues and a whole lot better than the mean reds!

pennycones said...

What a pretty picture. Along with owls, I also love butterflys and was pleasantly surprised when I checkout Mel Stampz.

I love having butterflys in my tummy! It's much nice than an anxiety flap! Haha


janis said...

hmmmm...do these butterflies have anything to do with a certain monsieur?

anyways, the butterflies are indeed lovely. but sometimes they keep me up at 3.30 in the morning and i can't sleep. boo.

Hermione said...

Ha, yes, maybe a certain monsieur is involved:) :D :D!

I know, butterflies are only good when they behave and stay within reason, otherwise they're more disturbing than anything else. But still pretty!

hannah said...

cute image!

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