January 5, 2010

About a Guy

So who is he, and what was I actually talking about?
This is kind of what happened when I met the I-met-a-guy Guy:

I work where I meet a lot of people. He happened to be one of them on this particular day. Out of nowhere, he shows up with this electrifying energy that caught me a bit off guard. The whole thing was really fun and just, well, how do I describe it? For a moment I forgot where I was and what I was doing (that is working, at my job). Our meeting was brief, but left me looking like a smiley face on two legs. I was enchanted. Just in case, I jotted down his name on a little piece of paper. No particular reason, just if I would like to, oh I don’t know, Google him or something? Horrible things, I know, but it’s 2010.

Anyway, I was away from work for over a week. In the mean time, he had been lingering in my mind as the lucky, fun chance encounter that warmed me up here in cold Scandinavia.
On the day I get back to my desk, there’s a message for me. Someone had left me a card with something scribbled on the back. Before I turned it over to read, I think I already knew the name on it.
It was Him. My heart actually did gallop a bit.

So I write him (as he had left his email address), but I don’t exactly pour my heart out, as it was just a brief note.
That voice in your head that tells you that maybe he just thought you were nice and wanted to be kind?
I think that’s the one who wrote the email. But all the same, I sent it.

A day or two goes by, and I get an answer.
No room for doubt. He likes me. I think he might actually really like me, or at least must have done so on the day of our encounter.

So basically, we’re emailing. And our worlds are far apart. But I keep thinking that maybe this time. I know they’re just emails and fantasies for now, but heck, it’s a new year, and you have to start somewhere, right?

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janis said...

oh my gosh! this is so romantic!!!!

see - sometimes the girly, hopeful side of you wins! screw being realistic! yayayay!

happy emailing!! woop!

Camilla Salem said...

i LOVE this story. can't wait for more!!!

by the way. thats how me and my boyfriend started. and its been a year and 4 months. ;)

Lindsay Road said...

Google him! Come on, we all do it! With his e-mail, you can find out all kinds of juicy bits. :)

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness! That is the best thing I've heard all day! I'm vicariously excited through you lol!

Lauren said...

Oh, yay, email romance! This makes me very happy.

Anna said...

this post made me smile! sigh. anyway, i'd like to second janis... i am so excited for you. can't.wait.for.more. :)

cat said...

this is so cute!!! just a great start into 2010 girl!!! ;-) xx cat
CiTiEs of B

Anonymous said...

Oh yay! Its things like this that stop me from loosing faith in romance- I hope it works out well! I love the way we google everything (even my granny googles the people who rent out her bungalow!). I love 2010..
By the way do you know any nice places around
Europe or in particular france, i'm thinking of taking a train to somewhere for the weekend in spring.]
Thanks and good luck!


taryn said...

You're adorable! I say Y. E. S. to L. O. V. E. !

Happy New Year!


Amy said...

What a great story and how wonderful that he left you a little note. I can't wait to hear more. Here's to a great 2010! :)

adri. said...

this sounds like something i would post. haha, really! i would react the exact same way. :) love your blog!

The Anthology said...

I love that love image (how funny does that sound?)


pennycones said...

Amazing story! I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for you here.

I was listening to two women talking the other day about being 'love addicts' I never knew there was such a thing but hey, we could be addicted to something a hell of a lot worse! I'm not saying that you are a love addict but your post reminded me of that conversation. Haha

suzie said...

how wonderful! the best of luck Hermione, I'm excited for you :D

Hermione said...

Oh, my, thank you all lovelies out there for your even lovelier comments! I do feel the inspiration, and it's wonderful!
And yes, as great as all this is, there is still the voice in me that's telling me to not get carried away, and it has all the reason in the world to be saying that. And I've actually succeeded a bit. I know that I may not ever see him again, and you know what? That would suck, but life goes on.. So, yes, lets keep our fingers crossed, I'm doing my best to keep things moving and the future will tell... Stay tuned!

Sum said...

Hahahahahahaha I laughed so hard about the Googling part. I do that all the time and I feel like a terrible person when I do. Love how you said it's 2010.

You know how to write well and with such humor and wit. I think you need to write a romance book!

Ahhhh! SO EXCITING! And definitely cute! Tell us more! Update update! :)

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