January 3, 2010

Going with the Flow?

I usually stay away from New Years resolutions.
I do however make different kind of promises to myself throughout the year, spreading them out like butter on a piece of bread. Or something like it.

But the past year has made me want to promise myself one, quite major thing. Let’s call it Betting on the Right Horse.

A lot of the time, we’re encouraged to just be open, take chances and live life the way it’s presented to us. You know, the whole go-with-the-flow thing. But how do we know the flow is going where we want it to go? Might be taking us to outer space for all I know.

Somehow, and not to sound like a jaded been-there-done-that person, I feel like I’ve tried the space traveling, and it hasn’t really worked for me. It may be bad luck, but there may also be something else to it.

Sure, I’ve learned tons of things that I wouldn’t have learned if not, and I’m many anecdote worthy experiences richer because of it.  But I’ve now gotten to a pivotal point where I feel I’d like to stay on this planet called earth, and I want to bet on the right horse while on it.

This time, I’m doing my research. I’m trusting my gut feeling. I’m looking to the 'experts', and I’m definitely considering what this horse could actually do for me.

Now, how can one possibly know in advance, you may ask.

Well, I don’t think we can, but I think we owe ourselves to at least try, and to trust that instinct ever so often. If you listen, you might learn something. Or?

So, here’s to a 2010 filled with good, mindful gambling.

And oh, I am getting back to the story about a certain someone real soon... There happens to be updates.



Anna said...

good luck in 2010 :) can't wait to hear about the updates!

Kristin said...

I'm all for going after my dreams this year. LOVED this post. Happy new year!

Sum said...

I can't wait for the updates! haha Gotta love the updates! :)

Hermione said...

Oh, updates are coming! In fact, they're already here:)
Kristin, I'm with you for 2010. Let's get those dreams!

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