March 14, 2010

So good to be reminded of that all you need to be is weird.

Eh...yes. This is a wedding invitation commission. Awesome.

Found via Sum, original here.


Sum said...

I'm so happy you love this poster as much as me! LOVE, love. And love weirdness in a good way. :)

The Eternal Intern said...

this is super cute!
xxx Rose

The Anthology said...

That is so heart-warming and authentic. Love it!


tinypaperheart said...

cutest invitation i've ever seen!

Hermione said...

I know, it's too adorable!

And thanks Sum, for letting me steal it:)

So lovely. So good to be reminded of that all we need to be is weird.

mia said...


*Marine Fleury* Cupcake chantilly said...

ooohhhh i love it

cat said...

wow! and yesss everone should be a bit weird :-) xx cat
CiTiEs of B

Amanda said...

I love this! :)

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