March 12, 2010

Picture Post

Frankly, I couldn't care less for trends and fashion nowadays. There was a time when I would custom decorate my Reeboks in the style of Madonna a la '83 (this was in the 00's, mind you), and ran around looking in vintage shops for that specific item that was going to make me feel like the coolest cat in school. I was sixteen. Things change. I've changed. Thank God.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think style and the idea of feeling and looking great is as fun as it is important. But it doesn't rule my life nor my wallet. And I like it that way. Consumerism is a topic I'm not going to get into here, but let's just say I'm not all for it.

Still, we can all use some style inspiration from time to time. When I need some guidance, this is who I turn to. Timeless, effortless, stylish and just plain doable, I'm in. Can't go wrong here, can we?

Plus, the more timeless your wardrobe is, the less money and time you'll have to spend on it. All in all, 
less consuming.

So from me to you, the style of Francoise Hardy! 

Botox is not for everyone.

Do you have a style fav?

Minor update: I read this and somewhat regret my use of the word 'timeless'.  Priceless.


pennycones said...

I love her.

I would have to admit, my fashion does play a big part for me. But not the from glossy mags nor the fashionista super bloggers. I guess I have always loved it from a young age.

But like you it doesn't rule my wallet. I admit I can indulge myself from time to time but you won't see me pounding the high street with a credit card!

My prefered shop is to buy secondhand. Not just for fashion but my home too. I draw the line at some things though. Haha


Hermione said...

Haha, yes, I would draw the line too for some things. But I love second hand and vintage too, there are just so many reasons to prefer it!
I think it's perfectly fine and even great to love clothes, as long as it doesn't become an obsession. At the end of the day, they're just clothes. But I love the quote: Life's too short not to wear beautiful things. True!

Sum said...

Haha I agree with you. I'll impulsively buy a million things I don't need. And now, even though my closet is stuffed, I can never find anything I want to wear. It's a good idea to buy things that are classic and won't go out of style.

My Favourite Things said...

Love the retro style!

Amanda said...

I agree with you about fashion not ruling my life. I'm the same way. I'm rather clueless when it comes to my own fashion, but I know when something looks good on someone else. And when it comes to buying clothes, I'd much rather be spending my money on books :)

mina said...

these photos are amazing. she's just stunning.

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