February 7, 2010

The Sun Will Shine

My dear, dear readers and fellow bloggers.

I’m so glad my little tale about Rusty was so wonderfully received, it truly and utterly warms my heart. I know he would be thrilled too if he found out.

There’s nothing I wish more right now than to sit and write about Rusty, Valentines Day Cards and my upcoming Events all day long. Unfortunately, my schedule is just giving me a hard time and preventing me from all the fun keyboard typing there is to be done on a daily basis.

For days and days I’ve been glancing at my ‘New Post’ button. Sensing how it’s looking at me with blameful eyes. You should be clicking me, it’s saying. You should be writing new posts and finding fun stuff to share, as opposed to just staring at the dashboard. I mean, really.

Oh, I know. I agree with you Button! I should have been posting, all week long. I don’t have excuses that are interesting enough for cyber space, so I’m just going to make a promise:

I promise to be more faithful to you, Blog. I really do. I do! Because you and all the people out there are too awesome to be neglected like this. Enough said.

So stay tuned… 2010 is looking really good.

In the meantime, here’s a a little musical band-aid for cold winter nights:

Super cute animation on top of it. Well done.



Anna said...

you are so cute hermione! and so was this little video! i always look forward to your posts :)

little room la said...

so sorry to hear about rusty on the post below :( but hope as you wrote, hope your sun does shine brighter! hooray for 2010!

pennycones said...

I'm glad 2010 is looking good for you :)

I think there are a few of us that are trying our hardest to be better bloggers right now. I'm on a mission this week to blog more but whether or not that happens is another matter...

Awesome video choice by the way.


Hermione said...

@ Anna: Aw! Thanks, so are you! Makes me really happy! Really! The video is total cuteness, glad you like it too!

@ Little LA:) : Yes, Rusty:( Oh, well! Hooray for 2010, yes, and actually, lets make that all the years to come. Yey for sunshine:)

@ Lisa: Thanks:) I'm glad you like the video too! I actually hadn't seen it before, but love the song, so that's how I found it. Lets keep each other animated to blog more, how about that? I'll do my best!

pennycones said...

I'll go with that Hermione! I will be on your back if you slack. Hahaha


Sum said...

Love the photo and video! I can totally relate to you. I stare at the dashboard too many times. Please post more!
In reply: thanks for sending me her link! Love her stuff!

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