February 8, 2010

8 things

Lisa over at Pennycones is awesome. As is her blog! She's given me this super cute award. I'm  accepting it with many thanks and smiley faces, and will therefore also share 7 things about me (it's part of the whole acceptance thing). Here we go:

1. One of my absloute favorite movies is Harold & Maude. It's amazing in every possible sense, and I know it will always remind me of how fantastic life is. In fact, I'd like to be watching it right now.

2. 2009 was not a great year for me.

3. 2010 is, in comparison and independently, pretty awesome and very promising. I keep saying that here, but it's because it's really true. I'm excited.

4. I love the Oprah show. Oprah in general. Oprah for president! (Not really, but it always sounds fun).

5. I once tried ordering a 'Tall American Joe' at Starbucks.
(As a Starbuck- and US newbie, that was my version of a tall Americano/small cup of Jo.) What I really wanted was a tall regular coffee. There is so much I could be saying about this, but that will have to be another time.

6. I should be sleeping right now. I'm having sleeping problems right now. Remedies, anyone?

7. When I was a kid, me and my sister had one dwarf hamster each. They were great. They had cool names. We fed them potato chips and fudgy chocolate cake (not the best of ideas).

8. I love my sister. She's the best. She reads my blog, and she's the coolest sister! Love you!

(Make it 8.)

Paying it forward to:

Janis at My suitcase Heart!

Amanda over at Just Beachy! (lets give her some support as she's struggling.)

The Anthology!

That's it!


Amanda said...

Thanks Hermione!!! That's so awesome of you!! And congrates on your award!
Not to mention that I also LOVE Harold & Maude! My friend that I keep saying that I've lost (he was my best friend and he's been such a jerk lately that I can't call him my friend anymore), he's the one that first showed me that movie because it's his favorite movie. Such an amazing movie! Love it!
Thanks for your comment as well. I think things will work themselves out with my friend, but I'm not sure about moving and my lack-of-job at the moment. I can't seem to wrap my head around the whole idea of not having a purpose. It's completely mindblowing. I'm sure I'll figure it out though. :)

Anna said...

congratulations!! i love herald & maude too, though i haven't seen it in ages! and so very happy to hear that 2010 is turning out to be a wonderful year for you...i hope it keeps up!

Anonymous said...

Dwarf hamsters!
Very cute Haha!

pennycones said...

Ok, I'll be honest, I haven't watched that movie. But by the sounds of it, I think I need to get my hands on it.

Lets bring on 2010. I too reckon its gonna be a good one :)

I want to hear your starbucks story please! Haha

Dwarf hamsters scare me a bit if that is actually possible!? Hahaha


Hermione said...

@ Amanda: Don't worry, things will figure themselves out! If he's such a jerk, maybe you're better off without him? Negative people are just not worth it, don't you think? Keep Harold and Maude, toss the badness!

@ Anna, thank you, and I hope so too!

@ Jaqueline: Ha, I know, it's a bit funny. I don't think I would get dwarf hamsters today. But things were so oh very different back then!

@ Pennycones: You need to see it! Something tells me you'll adore it. Who wouldn't? You're in for a treat! And yes, lets bring it on.
I don't blame you for being scared of dwarf hamsters. Even though I have to say, they look nothing like regular hamsters, are extremely cute and have no tails, and about a fourth of the size of the normal ones. Ours were super friendly too! They make good pets. When kept in a cage.

*Marine Fleury* Cupcake chantilly said...

i m sur 2010 will be a wonderful year for you!
lov your blog..
i don t understand everything because i m french but i lov it!

tinypaperheart said...

loved reading your list :)


Hate to admit, but haven't watched Harold & Maude. I need to check it out one day...
Congrats on the award~

taryn said...

Harold and Maude is the best.

(I secretly love Oprah too..)

You're adorable!

~taryn xx

Hermione said...

@ Marine: Thank you so much! It warms my heart! Merci tants et tants, ca me fait tres heureuse! Et oui, cet'anne et tres jolie:) I tried, haha..

@ Tinypaperheart: Thanks for reading it!

@ Leonore: Thank you! And yes, you have to ! It's a must see for everyone!

@ Taryn: Haha, yes! Everyone gets a car! :D Thanks!

French lover said...

Thank you for your sweet comment !! You have such a pretty blog ! I'll definitely come back for more :)

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