September 28, 2010

On London and Wellies

The forecast said rain today, and so I put on my wellies. As a newcomer, I thought it was the right thing to do. (Yes, I've learned to call rain boots by their proper British nickname). The forecast says rain most days here, but I don't put on my wellies every day. But today was a day when I did, and well, I discovered something. People don't wear wellies here in London. If you're over the glorious age of seven, you don't wear rain boots. Doesn't matter that the wellies keep getting trendier and trendier, you can only wear them if not wearing them means you'll be swimming home instead.

The prospect of rain hangs like a permanent giant cloud over London, and so I guess people just get tired of being bothered by it. Instead they just pop out their umbrellas if they have one, or walk unprotected through the raindrops happy as ever, should it really start raining. 
I also suspect that it's not cool to wear wellies in the city. I suspect that's why I felt like people were looking at me not much different as if I had been a hiker from outer space trying to navigate the (perfectly dry) streets of a cloudy London.

Lesson learned. Wellies are cool on rock festivals. In the forest. When hunting rabbits at some estate (and I would never). Not in the city. 

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AbbieBabble said...

No way! Too bad- there are so many cute wellies out there!

Mary-Cate said...

Wellies uncool in London?! WHAT? My sister-in-law and I love Wellies. I also love the rain, but wouldn't want to walk in "regular" shoes in the rain. I think I would wear any type of cute rain boot in the rain, regardless of people's stares (that's what I tell myself!)

Celeste said...

What!??! I would wear my wellies any time there's even the slightest chance of rain! I think the Londoners have some customs to change.. ;)

Amanda said...

Huh. How odd. I guess that must be the most difficult part of moving to a new country: learning the trends and social faux pas.

Hermione said...

Yes, it is awkward at times when in a new culture. But oh, how enriching it is!

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