September 27, 2010

For New Beginnings and Shades of Grey

Because sometimes, life can't wait. Because sometimes, you have to move on. And you have to do it now, in this very moment.
And so, I did. I moved on. I moved to London. And it feels amazing!

I took a leap of faith and just did it. Like Nike says how to do it. And so I hope you'll forgive my long absence here on the blog and come with me on this new journey instead. Because you're cordially and lovingly invited.

Today, the color grey never looked better.


Mary-Cate said...

How exciting... you moved to London! I wish I could convince my husband to move across the mighty pond (we have family & family friends in London!) Can't wait to go back and visit! Hope your move went smoothly, xx.

Hermione said...

Thanks! Everything is going smoothly so far! London is indeed great, maybe you'll have a chance to move in the future, never say never:). It does rain a lot though:). xx

Amanda said...

Wow! London! How exciting! If I could visit anywhere in the world it would be London! I want to go so badly!

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