November 3, 2010

Super Duper Genius Read

Even though I get the feeling no one is really reading this blog anymore, I will be brave and continue to produce my (however sporadic) posts. Let's face it, I could totally be more ambitious and hard working here. I could be spending my hours making comments on my fellow blogger's blogs, in order so that they can comment on mine, and we would all be one happy blog family. But I don't. Lately, I've chosen the egotistical path, the path of only posting, and not commenting. Hence my echoing, empty commentary fields. I'm so sorry, precious readers!

Anyway, I have a very special read to recommend. Super Sad True Love Story. It's by this New York writer Gary Shteyngart. He's kind of a genius, and also a professor at Columbia University. Watch the video below to see him teach James Franco, among others. He encompasses today's western culture perfectly by twisting us into this absurd yet truthful, media obsessed crowd in a future not too distant from here. Where we're all constantly attached to our 'äppäräts', little devices not much unlike today's iPhones or Blackberrys, only you can get ALL your information from them. About anything, and anyone.

This novel has already been widely acclaimed, hyped, über-reviewed and I bet half of New York has already read it, but I can't stop myself from sharing. It's that good. And it's kind of a love story.

If you've read it, let me know what you think!


Mary said...

I'm behind on reading blogs... I'm dealing with a 3 week old little guy! I'm always looking for good books and I will definitely check this out next time I'm at a bookstore! Have you read The Glass Castle? It's an excellent read. xx

Hermione said...

Aw, congratulations! That's fantastic! When you get a chance, pick it up, it's hilarious:).
Haven't read the Glass Castle yet, but meant to pick it up for quite some time. Now I will!

Ania said...

Du skriver saaaa bra! Love you! A

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