June 8, 2010

A Clean Slate Full of Details

What better way to start anew and afresh than painting a wall or two at home?
That's exactly what I just did, and guess what? It makes a huge difference. I chose the symbolic color of white (but, with dashes of all the color of the rainbow) to change the mood of my favorite room. After too much time spent with this un-describable green (I mean, what was I thinking?), the walls are now representative of how I feel. Micro step for mankind, huge step for Hermione. 

Some details of what makes me happy at home:

Good paint is essential when painting, and Fired Earth create impeccable shades.

A map of the world is crucial in order not to get lost.

If you can't go to Paris, bring Paris to you. I got this lamp in one of Brooklyn's thrift shops.

Bathing is a lot more fun in French. 

All good things come in threes.

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Amanda said...

Ah, the wonders of fresh paint :) I rent otherwise, I would do that myself!

Sum said...

These are amazing, amazing pics! I'm happy you love your new room! :) I love it, too.

Hermione said...

Thanks so much Sum!

Anna said...

repainting has such a good fresh feeling! i love all these photos too, especially your little Eiffel tower lamp!

Hermione said...

Yes, painting rules! My Eiffel tower lamp is my precious, take it with me wherever I go:)

Kristin said...

Loooooove the bathroom hook. So sweet!

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