October 23, 2009

It's been a while...

So, I decided I would keep this blog after all, partly because I really started missing expressing myself in English, and partly because I like the idea of it.
It's been a good while now since leaving New York, and I'm slowly starting to feel that a new time, and new part of my life has started. And that makes me realize what I miss the most about NY:

1. The People
Talking to people on the street, the subway, your local coffeeshop, your doorman or someone elses. Those brief yet so vital exchanges that can sometimes make your day. I miss that!!

2. The Sun
New York has what, like 300 days of sun a year? Can't beat that. Even on cold January days, the sun makes up for it all, making the air crisp and bright. Love it.

3. The Energy.
The same thing that can get draining if overdosed upon, is the same thing that just keeps you going. Riding the subway at 3am with sober, reading people, listening (or covering your ears) to the drummers on the Union Square L-stop. If you want ice cream at 4am, you can get ice cream at 4 am. I miss that. Sober people!

4. Brooklyn :)

What do you love about New York?

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